Fashion&Style: Prints(dress tranformation)

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Today, let’s talk about prints.

Sometime last year, I wrote about colors on this blog and then we concluded that pink is not for girls and blue is not for boys. White is also not for sweethearts and black is not for wicked people. Yes! I said that. So, anybody can wear anything they like, as long as they are comfortable in it.

I began to wonder, where did colors actually originate from? I went through the internet and I saw thousands of results(literally). The only one I managed to look into was that of Isaac Newton(1642-1726), who they said was that first to understand the rainbow and that our modern understanding of colors is dependent on his experiments of refracting white light into a prism. I didn’t get all that talk so let’s drop it.

Now to my own origin of color, I think it’s from nature. Remember that we are temporarily in this place called earth and most of us know that God did an excellent job for six good days to make this place suitable for our abode. If you remember on the first day, He said let there be light and there was light. And then, someone would come and tell me light originated from scientist. Oh please! To get the full jist of the creation story, read through Genesis chapter one in the Holy Bible.

So, as far as I am concerned, colors and prints all originated from nature and the establisher of this nature is God.

Photo from google

So, to the koko(main point) of this matter. I had a dress, gifted me by my mom when I was nine or ten thereabout. And this dress had leopard prints. Remember how big I looked when I was younger? Check my previous post for pictures. If anyone was getting that dress now, the person probably has to be a size 14. It was high time I gave that dress out but my mind wrestled so much just because it was animal print. I decided to make adjustments. Since I attended a boarding school, I always had to readjust it because I would have lost weight again. Mehnnn!!!! That gown suffered in the hands of obiomas(local name given to street tailors).

Photo credit: lady.fashionistas on IG

My love for prints grew so much that I once told my mom that I won’t sleep on my bed if she doesn’t get me print sheets. Omo, my mom started telling me stuff like I would start dreaming of animals. What will I not hear from Nigerian mothers? Chai!. I ended up with pink flowery bedsheets instead like a typical little girl.

Fast forward to now, I made something out of that dress which I believe looks good. I don’t think there is any need to go indepth into what exactly I did but I’d just give a summary. I cut the dress into two demarcating my shoulder to waistline measurement from the lower part of my body. I started dismantling the whole outfit and loosening every previous adjustment on it. The dress was somehow weak or maybe I was just careless. I ripped one of the shoulder part of it and it was a total eyesore. To be honest, I left the loosened pieces in my closet for a month plus because I didn’t know what to do. I felt I had completely ruined the dress. So, I started work on the lower part and made a high waist skirt with zipper behind and elastic at the waist line. Last week, I worked on the top part. Inspiration was just pouring from above and I came up with a church and event worthy outfit.

Old look
I had loosened all the adjustments
New look🦋
Back view
This is a size 10

I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that not all old clothes needs to be thrown away. This particular dress has spent about eight years with me. Thank you for reading till this point. If you like this piece, kindly share and follow my blog. Let’s take this thing viral! You could visit my Instagram page and get in contact with me through the link below.

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Are birthdays worth celebrating?

I don’t know if it’s just me or there are other people who anticipated their birthdays for one reason or the other and suddenly, the joy of such days became dependent on other people.
Right from my first birthday which I feel almost everyone celebrated, till when I was ten years old, there was always cake, party packs with a lot of edibles for my friends at school and most importantly, there was always a new dress. The joy of appearing in school with mufti always made my head want to explode. I loved that attention ehnnn and I trust my mom, she had high fashion taste and that is one out of hundreds of traits she passed down to me. I always felt like a little princess just that I wouldn’t fit into an actual disney princess gown. I was more like a walking parachute and to be honest, I used to have low self esteem. Every other girl was skinny with long hair and pretty faces. But there I was, rat chopped hair, with a fat face, you would almost not see my neck. The only thing I appreciated was that I was really smart(I guess everyone was smart in primary school actually) especially in Mathematics.

I was probably 3months old here.
1st birthday…I legit had papa Ajasco’s hair
My 6th
Peep my Cinderella shoes😂
I thank God for growth cause I’m never gonna be this big again!
My 10th birthday was celebrated during my schools excursion. I ate paaaaa!!!!

On getting to my secondary school where celebration of birthdays was prohibited, I was deeply hurt and it just killed my excitement. We were stuck with eating school food and maybe just maybe if you had a secret admirer, they would drop a card in your locker and buy a roll of gala and bottle of coke/fanta for you. That was just the deal. And then if you were a rich kid a.k.a OBO(Omo Baba Olowo) in junior school, you could decide to buy snacks for your friends.

Moving on to senior school, it was a big thing!!!! That was the stage where most of us reached puberty. Boys getting taller with deep voices and handsome features and girls getting all packaged and tushed up. In korean movies ehn, you see all those high school love bird drama ehn, that was almost every girls dream. But we forgot that it was just drama and the curtains would soon mark the end. Some girls would agree to date a guy, wait……. what? I meant boy because they are anticipating lots of gift especially if his dad is rich. And there was this kind of separation among students like some felt more superior and all. And so, the superior ones could hype their friends on their birthdays while the inferior ones just had to be low key. So, it was just a matter of, are my friends superior, inferior or in the middle?

All that was a secondary school thing. Everyone wants to feel loved, everyone wants a sense of belonging, everyone wants to be celebrated, everyone wants to be recognized so why aren’t birthdays so important to some?
I questioned my dad on this because he has this indifferent attitude towards it. He never had problems spending money but he would always be like “After birthday, what’s next? Like there was nothing important about it.
I had no other option than to dig deep and I realised it started with his family background. There wasn’t just any enthusiasm about that day.

His dad was a wealthy man at least he had a house in the village and Lagos in the 1940’s. He had three wives and sixteen children. How was he going to remember every single child’s birthday. Of course he had so much on his mind especially the maintenance of his large family. He might have thought of celebrating maybe each child’s first birthday but how would he celebrate birthdays after that? According to my dad, he didn’t even remember his day until his mom prayed for him or cooked something special(that was like the main deal then). Being the first son from his mother, he was like the apple of her eyes.

I thank God that my mom changed everything about his orientation. She is really jovial and likes putting smiles on people’s faces. She made sure all our birthdays were celebrated. If it wasn’t on a school day, we would go out as a family on the weekend. So, I grew up seeing it as a necessity celebrating. You know, as you grow older, you see life from a different perspective. The most important thing about birthdays for me is that God gave me life as in free air. I don’t know if you get it. As per, my oxygen is free. My two legs, eyes, nose, ears, hands, intestines, kidneys, livers, heart, as in everything is still functioning perfectly well so why won’t I celebrate a new year?
It’s not about cake or chicken or fish or gifts or whatever you are going to receive from humans. I tell you, you can never be satisfied from what people could give you. All those edibles, won’t they finish abi they will be renewing themselves as I’m consuming them?

I don’t know if I’m the only one seeing it from this perspective but actually, there is more to birthdays than letting the joy of that day be dependent on how many people actually wished you or how many posted your pictures or how many called you or how many gave you gifts or whatever. We are humans, we have feelings, we always want to feel loved but do you neglect the free gift of life given by God and decide to face the wishes and attention of humans?
Be thankful to God first, have fun, treat yourself right, take yourself out, feel loved by yourself, appreciate yourself, hype yourself, remind yourself of the promises of God upon your life, look in the mirror and speak into your existence, tell yourself you are beautiful and you are going to keep on basking in the love of Christ.There is no how people who love you won’t celebrate you. Like a friend of mine would say, “this life, no reason person wey no reason you, after God na God, na only Him love you pass anybodi wey be flesh and blood”(nobody can love you more than God, so don’t keep your hopes high on humans).

So, when next you are adding a year, think first of how you don’t have to beg to eat and how you don’t have to pay to breathe or how you don’t live under the bridge or how you have access to internet or how you have clothes to wear. Just think of everything you ought to be grateful for.

I know even after reading this, a particular gender would still not appreciate birthdays. You know yourselves. I’d like to know why you guys treat such days with levity. Do well to engage me in the comment section. I want to hear your own side of the story!

Adulthood, here I come!

I’ve done this before but I’d like to do it again. I want to use this medium to appreciate everyone who took out time to pray for me and wish me on my birthday, two days ago. Heaven has heard and recorded your prayers. I appreciate you. God bless you all.

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Movie Review: The Train(the journey of faith)

Among the incredible movies produced by televangelist Mike Bamiloye , the founder of the Mount Zion Film Ministry, “The train” is a drama based on his true life story. The film was written and produced by Damilola, his son and it was directed by Yemi Adepoju and Isaac Femi Akintunde. It was premiered on YouTube on the 3rd of May, 2020 starring Seun Adejumobi, Omolara Ayoola, Tolulope Mike-Bamiloye and many others in the ministry.

Unlike the usual picture of a Mount zion film which I used to watch when I was younger, this film was not just beautiful, it was really inspiring. I never liked Mount zion films. Hollup! I was born into a Christian home but I’m not even joking, I could either hardly sleep or when I slept, I’d have nightmares whenever I see those movies.

Why does there always have to be color red and black? Why does there have to be lightening and thunder? Why do I always have to see someone burning in hell? Why do I have to see demons with horns of a goat? Why do I have to see people appearing and disappearing?. Gosh! Those things gave me shivers. It wasn’t actually only applicable to this Christian branded production, any movie that has babalawo and cult just like “Living in bondage”, or ritual or some ridiculous stuff like in Nollywood of the 90’s(😂😂sorry I had to say that), stuff like that are not my thing. I’d rather watch barbie with rainbows and Teletubbies and cartoons and anything that could light up my mood. I wasn’t and I’m still not a child of darkness! I really wasn’t going to see the movie, the hype was just too much and I began to wonder why my friends were carrying it on their head. Little did I know there was a whole package waiting for me.

Now to the koko(main point) of the matter, this movie was amazing. Starting with the background sound to the setting of the drama to the fantastic display by the characters especially little Mike to the series of events that took place and most importantly, the message of the entire film. A thousand regular movies can not measure to this one movie which encompasses every aspect of life. From being a little child to a teenager to a youth to a married man, having stumbling blocks and jumping over it, being clouded with darkness and then brought to light, being able to drop the sins of the world, being able to fight fear and put on courage, being able to follow the lead of God while choosing a life partner, being able to follow the plan God has for his life, being able to never give up. Come on!!!!! The name says it call, that is the journey of faith!!!

Proverbs 3:3-5… Trust in the lord with all you heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways, acknowledge him and he would direct your path.

For me, this passage is the summary of the message in that movie. I wouldn’t want to start bringing up excerpts just for those who haven’t seen it but I’d just list some things I learnt.

1. Without Christ, you are nothing.

2. Faith is the driving force of the christian faith, without faith, there is no christianity, our faith is the belief in the death and resurrection of Christ and acknowledge of him

3. Abba knew us before we were formed in our mother’s womb. Everyone has a purpose or do you think your coming to earth is to chop life? No dear, there is a great agenda which must be fulfilled! Earth is merely a tourist centre, we don’t belong here, our home is heaven.

4. You have no power of your own. Be led by God and never limit what he or yourself can do.

5. Do not expect much from human beings. Someone you expect so much from might bring the greatest disappointment to your doorstep.

6. Being tagged a fool for Christ is greater than pleasing the world and doing what they expect. You are not normal, you are not regular, you’ve got royalty in your DNA.

7. Shoot your shot on your kind as a Christian. Not just anything in skirt or anything with the cleanest pair of trousers. Shine your eyes and pray before you conclude on a life partner. You must be equally yoked with such a person.

8. When you have passion for something, don’t shove it off. Every skill or talent is an opportunity to preach Christ.

I could go on but I’d leave the lessons to you, my reader. Go ahead and share what you learnt from the movie in the comment section. I can’t wait to see your reviews.

Another thing I couldn’t get over in this movie was the theme song. Since my almost two decades on this earth, I have never prayed in my spirit, not because I didn’t want to, but I really can’t explain it. I downloaded the song and then while listening to it, I was just filled. I don’t know how many people have experienced such but I didn’t feel ordinary, the beat alone boosted something in me, it was like I had transformed in a way I might not understand. I started speaking but I felt I was just saying rubbish. I shoved that thought, I went to my support systems(christian friends), I told them how I felt and it was it!!!! I had longed for this for about two years now. I realized some of us just need a little push or something to trigger us when it comes to spiritual stuff. It taught me patience, it taught to never doubt, it taught me to never stop asking. I remember my last post which was centered on getting my sewing machine, I never stopped asking, I never stopped reminding, I never stopped pleading before I got it. As some point, I stopped praying concerning the gift of tongues because I felt abeg joor, I’d get the gift when the time is right. Carnal mentality! The time is now, when you want something, ask for it and own it. It isn’t anyone’s choice, it is your choice!. I just want to encourage whoever is reading this to never stop asking, cast all your cares on God and he will never disappoint.

Also, guard what you take in this period, the world is wicked and if the stories on social media is messing with your mental health, please take a break. Don’t form staying woke up and down. You really can’t change anything by your works, pray to Abba to help us and trust me, we who are in Christ are more than conquerors, we shall conquer!. Stay safe and have a lovely weekend

Don’t forget to engage me in the comment section on what you learnt from the movie, your favorite character and why whoever is your fave, any step of faith you took that produced results. I can’t wait to see ’em. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you are missing a great experience. It’s not on Netflix, so carry your popcorn to Youtube and feed your eyes and mind. God bless❤


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The classic transformation

Hey there!I trust you are doing well and I hope that corona will never reach your side in Jesus name. Amen!So, I recently got my sewing machine and trust me, it felt like I got a new car thanks to my brother. The journey to and fro Lagos Island was not easy considering the fact that the traffic was annoying and the market was so busy. You would be wondering if there is a pandemic at all. But thank God, I was able to get a good one even though the price was way more than the budget.The excitement was just too much that I wanted to start work immediately but, I was restrained since it needed to you know, be set up and all.When school closed and everyone went home, I was left with the option of sorting out clothes I wouldn’t be wearing anymore. I came across the Ankara that was used for a family event which I couldn’t attend since school was in session. When I started learning how to sew, I used the material to practice and I made a simple gown. This was sometime in February last year. As time went one, I just noticed the gown was getting tight and short. Yes! Whether you believe it or not, I’m growing, in height especially. I could barely wear it because it wasn’t comfortable enough and so I decided to rip it all.I loosened it to the extent that it looked like rags. I was clueless on what to make with it but I just couldn’t throw it all away. Nahhh!!So I started with the front, I cut about twenty five inches length and sixteen inches breath. It was a struggle getting a lengthy piece because I was kind of careless and while using a blade, I ripped so many parts that would have been useful. It looked like a disaster and I wish I could show you but I didn’t take pictures till I finished. I had some yards of black satin and so I used the same length I took from the Ankara from the satin too. I wanted to make a top. So the remaining ripped pieces, I joined them together to form a length of about thirty three inches and about four inches breath in two places but the second one was about forty inches length. I used a black bias round the joined pieces and this took alot of time. I was still clueless on what I was going to achieve. So, I sew half-inch elastics in the up part of the fabrics(both the satin and the Ankara) to form a tube top. I didn’t want the top to be flying like a cape, so I ran the same elastic horizontally eight inches from the begining of the tube top. The idea was for it to settle on my under bust. Before using the elastic the second time, I gathered the biased pieces through the top. The first layer was pleated while the second layer was gathered horizontally through the fabric. I wanted the beauty to come out and that is why I used the black satin as the front where the design would be evident.The look was already beautiful but I can’t wear a tube top and walk the streets of Lagos without getting unnecessary attention. So, I decided to make it look more like an off shoulder top. So, I used elastic for the arm and the wrist of a satin material and joined it to the tube with my machine. Another thought came to me, I needed to make clothes for every event. Like I should be able to wear it to church, class, outings, unofficial events, etc. Being a lover of rope or anything that can be tied, I decided to make a rope for the back with the remaining pieces of clothes, I made a really long robe so that it could form a V-shape at the back and it could be tied at my shoulder to form a cold-shoulder top instead of an off-shoulder.Having done that, I made some sort of belt and fixed it to the front of the top so that it can be tied to the rope coming from the back. And this is what I achieved.Basically I used the following materials to achieve that look:-satin-Ankara-bias-half inch elasticOther basic instruments like scissors, thread, office pins, safety pin came in handy and of course, a sewing machine.Most people think that before a dress could come out nice, it has to have a lot of accessories and stones and all that. But trust me, you can create a classic look with just little. Just be creative. I didn’t see the style on the internet, it was merely an assumption/possibility work. I’m glad that the first project I’m using my personal machine on came out splendid but unfortunately, no where to rock it for now. I wore mine with a high waist black skirt, you could wear yours with high waist jeans or whatever deems fit.I would definitely do more during this period so, stay tuned.For more pictures, check my business account on IG @classics_by_ama. Do well to comment, like and share this post if it came in handy. Also, don’t forget to click on the follow button to be updated on my posts.Stay safe and remain blessed-Doreen

Toxicity and Energy.

Henry(Party A)
Diane(Party B)
Fred(Party C)
Michelle(Party D)

Case Study

Henry, Diane, Fred and Michelle(not real names) are students in UNILAG. It happens that A and B had known each other since they were about seven. They were always together sharing everything best friends share though they didn’t define their relationship. C seemed to be interested in B but was not sure he would have a chance due to the relationship between A and B. He then decided to be friends with both of them to start with. Ordinarily, A and B do everything together but this time, C decided to tag along and he was accepted with open arms. D, being a brainee and the Minister of Information decides to join the crew since they all seemed nice. She became the supplier of gist, the third party when arguments arose and the one who everyone decides to run to when they have issues.

C decides to ask B to be his girlfriend but she refuses because 1. He lacks what she needs in a guy 2. She isn’t ready for such commitments. He then decides to ask her to be his bestfriend, he mentioned that he isn’t into all those kind of best friend thingy but he thinks she is just the right person and the spirit in him has told him she is the one. She refused but when the pressure was too much, she gave in, after all, A wasn’t ready to define their relationship and she felt he would be jealous and then approach her so that they could fix things. Unfortunately for her, A moved on like nothing happened and she was then stuck with C who was addicted to her. He stalked her in school, asked her questions like who she calls and chats with and other toxic things. When she doesn’t pick his calls, it is a problem, when she claims to be busy, it is a problem, when she is online but isn’t chatting with him, it is a problem. B feels like she cheated A and she still stalks his social media even though they don’t talk much like before. D who is the observer and supervisor of everyone tries to bridge the gap between their relationships and correct each person according to their faults. How can D achieve this?

P:s: The persons whose pictures are attached have nothing to do with the story.

With the above scenario in mind, what actually is toxicity?

Toxicity is a trait in which people are basically unhealthy for the lives of others. A toxic person might not necessarily hate you but his/her actions suggests that they are mean or harmful in one way or the other. If you haven’t heard it before, I’d tell you now, everyone has a toxic trait which may not be obvious but resides in the heart of such fellow.

Different Toxic behaviours.

1. Controlling attitude

Alot of people feel so entitled. They complain when you don’t live up to their expectations. They question your whereabout and who you associate with. They feel you should do things only with their approval. Don’t be mistaken, whether you like it or not, Nigerian parents are not under this category. They are 100% entitled.

2. Negative talk

People who fall under this category are not necessarily evil. Sometimes they want to say something but don’t know how to put it. Human beings generally misinterpret sarcasm. So, whatever is said might be funny to some parties but harmful to others.

3. Bad energy

4. Excessive calls and texts

5. Uncontrollable hand movement such as beating, punching, slapping, etc

6. Total dependence on another person for survival.

7. Complaints about slightest things/mistakes

8. Unnecessary anger

9. Gossip, envy and behaviors that constitute hatred

10. Not minding your business

11. Being defensive e.g always having an excuse for everything even when you are wrong.

12. Obsession

13. Pride

14. Not wanting to let go of people who have moved on

15. Emotionally exhausting

You will find out that your emotions are tampered with anytime you are with them. It might be anxiety, depression, sadness, you name it.

16. They tend to overshare. Most times, they tell you all about themselves to gain pity or some sort of trust. They sorely rely on your response to the situations at hand.

17. Overprotective, etc


If the vibe you give someone isn’t what you are getting, then why continue?

People give excuses like they love, they can’t do without whoever, they can’t breathe when whoever isn’t there…..blah blah. One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin but there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother(Proverbs 18:24). We shut our hearts to those who are meant to be part of our journey through life but decide to stick with those who don’t rate us at all.

I was confronted about friendship recently and the conclusion was that I don’t have friends or rather, I don’t know how to keep friends. I started to think deeply about that statement and then I actually realised I had more friends in former years of my life. Primary school taught us to be friends with everyone no matter where they came from. Secondary school was divided into Cool, warm and hot guys. This temperature division was based on what you have, how well you know how to Flex, how smart you are, how spiritual you are, how irresponsible you are, how law abiding you are,etc. There was some kind of bond because everyone who came in JSS 1 graduated together in SS3 and so we were all familiar with one another.

On getting to University, Interest/Understanding of life flipped the switch. Those days were good old days, I’m not doubting that but I had not discovered what I wanted to do with my life. So, I observed both my environment and people. I talked less and listened more. Some people’s first impression was that I was either quiet or shy but trust me, none describes me and no one is quiet, they haven’t just met people who would bring out their crazy side.

You might have noticed that you don’t really talk to old friends like before and then you begin to think the problem is you. No dear, there is simply a change of interest. You are no longer in the same circle where everyone relates and meets at the center. No! A quadrilateral has been drawn thereby placing lines/restrictions between you and them. In order to get to you, they have to pass such boundaries which may be similar interests or values. If they cannot meet up with your standard, they disappear and therefore, cannot continue their journey with you. If there is one thing I’ve learnt after high school, it is that there are friends for every season. Sometimes, you may not cut that old friend totally because you might need them for something later and that is why you have about two hundred contacts of people you haven’t spoken with in three months. It’s allowed! Trust me and don’t delete their numbers even when the urge comes. Sometimes, you get to catch up when the need arises but never give an energy when the receiver doesn’t appreciate it.

If you notice that someone is playing with your feelings, move on!

If you notice that they are disturbed by your continuous text, then stop. You care about them but they don’t seem to do likewise, reserve your precious energy. To you, you are nice and caring, but to them, you are being toxic. That is one thing to note, toxicity is relative and how can you balance it?

Don’t rely on other people for approval, define your relationship, don’t be a pain in the ass, ask them questions like if you are bothering them, text and call moderately(a lot of people don’t like disturbance), apologize when necessary, control your anger, voice your opinion in a humble manner, correct people in love, stop stalking, text people when you feel the need to(sometimes, the conversation becomes very interesting after a long time of not communicating).

In conclusion, choose the right people that would give you the energy you deserve without being harmful to you. Personally, I’d rather be a loner than to dash the joy of my existence to someone who manipulate me or give me reasons not to be happy. Y.O.L.O!

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The Good news

Kelvin and I were very good friends, if not best of friends. We became friends in primary school when our moms came for our open day. We arrived at the book sales stand almost at the same time and we desired the same novel desperately. Being the little girl that I was who would cry to ensure I got whatever I wanted, I started my tantrums. My mom tried to calm me down but to no avail. With one eye open while screaming, I saw Kelvin’s mom talking to him and thereafter, she purchased the book. This time, my two eyes were shot and I screamed for everyone to notice. My mom lifted me off the ground and then, I found myself in the car. Being an African mother that she was, she didn’t say anything till we got home.

I was led into my room and beaten so mercilessly that I didn’t have the energy to cry anymore. I didn’t even know when I slept off. I saw the book I desired beside my pillow when I woke up and then, I realized that Kelvin sacrificed his book for me even though I didn’t know him before then. And that was how our journey began.

When we got into college, we shared a lot of beautiful moments, I wasn’t so much of the religious type even though I prayed regularly, but kelvin? He was a pastor at nineteen! He would tell me the things a christian is supposed to do, he would tell me that Jesus loves me despite all my flaws, all those talk was actually boring to my ears. I would pretend to listen but all he said entered my right ear and came out of my left ear. My heart was still hardened from knowing the truth. Kelvin always prayed that I’d have an encounter with the Jesus he is talking about.

Being medicine students, we couldn’t joke with our books. We had to make researches, try experiments, watch some practicals that we couldn’t grab during lectures and many other things. We decided to study in his school apartment. I was free and very comfortable, after all, isn’t he my bestfriend? But actually, I wanted more. “O’boy! You cannot be fine for nothing, I’d rather have you than to let any girl come close”, so I thought. Little did I know that those thoughts would eventually lead to the encounter kelvin had been talking about. Just the way I slept off when crying while I was younger, I slept off while lusting after my supposed best friend.

I found myself in a thick dark open space. I was asking myself how I got there and then, I heard a voice telling me to follow him. I kept on walking forward, it felt like I had been walking for hours non-stop. I was sweating, I was tired, I wanted to sit on the floor but I couldn’t get my body to move, my legs just kept moving to the unknown. I stopped at a gate and pushed it slightly, it opened. I walked in and saw dry leaves all around the compound. It was like the vine that Jesus caused to wither, everywhere looked deserted. I looked around and lo and behold, I saw some creatures, they were all black with red eyes and had the dentition of a lion, dog and cat. They had two legs and and one head with faces on all sides of their heads. They had fur all around and I could see one with sagging breasts like that of an old woman. I was scared to my bones. I wondered how I got there. I wanted to go back to my planet because my spec doesn’t belong here.

They all welcomed me by laughing and nodding their heads like agama lizards, I screamed but there was no one to save me this time, it would have been better if my mom carried me away like before. They were about seven that approached me while the rest were scattered all over the compound, digging, moaning, laughing, I just couldn’t understand what was going on, it was like there was chaos, my human mind couldn’t comprehend the sight. Everywhere was full of dirt and filth, so much darkness and sadness, no rainbows, no flowers, no light, it was like I was underground and in a destination where I would never be found. They carried me to their leader and when I got there, he started laughing just like in the horror movies I used to watch. He didn’t look like those creatures, he was beautiful but it was obvious that he was evil. I looked at my right and I saw a deep hole where people were screaming and shouting and wailing. It dawned on me that I was in the abyss. I couldn’t get a clear picture of what I saw and I don’t even want to remember that sight!

He told me that it was my turn to enter into the pit…. Me? My adrenal gland became active, my pupils dilated, I could feel my chest rising and falling, I was sweating profusely and shivering, I had never been that scared in my life. At that point, biology became practical in me. I would never forget Hormones as a topic in my entire life!

He told me that I had come home and there was no going back. He told me that I had been condemned and there was no one to save me anymore. He laughed and told me that I wasted the time I used in going to church and that the reason I prayed sometimes was because Kelvin was always interceding for me to change. I was in hot tears, he said so many things to me which I believed. I felt like it was all over for me and that I would perish forever. Suddenly, I heard a voice saying “Daughter!!!, I am here for you”. I looked and I saw the most beautiful creature that I had ever seen in my life!, I couldn’t see the features on his face clearly, he looked like pure snow coming down from heaven. Immediately he arrived, they all fled, they were all shouting and crying for him to return to where he came from. They were desperately pleading and begging. I didn’t even see their leader anymore. I was all sweaty and wet, I can’t remember what I was wearing but I saw myself in white, flying without wings in the heavens. I asked him who he was and he said that His name is Jesus. I couldn’t believe it, the same Jesus I had spent my life trying to figure out? the same Jesus that performed miracles in the bible?, the same Jesus that Kelvin said died so that I could live?. I had so many questions to ask but I couldn’t get myself to utter a word. I just wanted to leave that horrible place.

We reached heaven without looking back for one second. It was the complete opposite of the abyss. It was like a golden palace, very big and large enough for every single soul on earth. I now remembered that the bible said that I am a chosen generation, a royal priesthood called out of darkness into light(1 Peter 2:9). I wanted to cry, I was full of gratitude but I couldn’t get myself to cry because there was so much Joy and peace there. Everybody was smiling and praising and worshipping the one who seated on the throne. I don’t know how to describe what I saw but I was convinced that anyone who said there is no God and does not acknowledge Him is a complete fool! He told me that He(God) loves me so much and that is why him to die and so that anyone who believes him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

He told me that he had been tortured, beaten, humiliated, forsaken even by the Father on that day(Isaiah 53). The one who had never committed one sin since his thirty-three years on earth became filthy with sin for me. O what greater love is there? He showed me where he was pierced, his feet and palms. The blood of the lamb!!!!!The lamb that was used for atonement of sins in the old testament came in human form down to earth and his blood was shed so that I can be saved!!!! Glory!!!!!

He told me that man despised him but acknowledged that he was king after his death. He said that is no longer dead but he is risen!!!! He said that I shouldn’t let anyone condemn me if he hasn’t, he said that even the love I’m beginning to have for Kelvin is conditioned but his love for me is Unconditional!!!. He said the the stone which the builders rejected is now the head of the corner(1 Peter 2:7). He told me the word, yes he is the word( John 1). The bible is the hardware, check it yourself.

He said that while the world is supposed to rejoice that he is risen, many are perishing. They live like sheep without a shepherd, some of them used to be part of me but they have been tossed by the wind, some define me according to other people instead of finding me themselves. Some don’t even want to know me, they are being careless but I am going to back again to take my own(2Peter 3:10, Rev 3:3 It would be a glorious day for my bride but a terrible day for the rest of them. Tell them to come to me for I would give them rest( Matt 11:28). He told me what his people needed was to love the word because no one could come to the Father except through him because he is the way, the truth and the life(John 14:6)

He reminded me of so many things I would have known if only I read my bible and studied it the way I studied medicine. When I woke up, all I could do was worship. I cried my eyes out because I was a sinner and yet, he still told me that there is no condemnation against me (Rom 8:1). What did I ever do to deserve this kind of love?

I promised to accept him as my Lord and personal savior. I won’t go back to my old ways because I am a new creation, my old self died when he died and I became a new creation because he has risen!! Glory!!!!! It is a choice that everyone should make in order not to perish. Hell is not a place for anyone to go, I promise you, once you don’t accept this Savior, you are dead spiritually and if you don’t make changes before your physically death, your grace has expired, it would no longer be sufficient for you!!!!!

That is the message I have for you in this period of Easter. He loves you so much and please, don’t make his death be in vain in your life! I was told to spread this message to the world, please do not keep this message in your gadgets, share to anyone that needs to be saved.

From: Okoro Malvina Oluebube

To: The whole world

#christianity #spiritofeaster #hehasrisen #hewillcomeagain #JesusChrist #love #sin #crucifixion #hope #bornagain

What do you love most about Easter and what did you learn from this message?

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THE PROMISING YOUTH- Featuring Arinze Kamsiyochukwu

Welcome back to Doreen’s sphere and thank you for following this months edition. We have someone special, someone fine, someone with crazy dance moves, modella, Iroko himself, ayeeee………you’d see the rest yourself.

I’m super excited sir, I hope I’m worthy to know you..

Of course🤪. So I’m Kamsiyochukwu Arinze, but slow down don’t circumcize my name…just call me Kamsi.

I am the last of three kids, born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria .
I’m a model & scholar.
I love creating content, listening to music, meeting new people, playing with kids and I think I can sing… should hear me in the bathroom 🥴

Scholar? Why do you descibe yourself as a scholar?

To be honest, contrary to popular opinion, I actually like school…like learning.
I just enjoy the feeling of knowing something you didn’t know before, acquiring knowledge basically.

Oh wow, a guy that actually likes school…
So can you tell us about your educational background and how your interest in modeling came about?

So, I want to be an Electrical and Electronics Engineer yeah….because I love working with machines and all,
I really want to be able to produce what can help children learn better. Big goals….I know right!
But then at one point in time, my sister showed a message of BETH model management scouting….at first I was hesitant to apply..the normal fear and all.

But then, I eventually got signed and then I fell in love with taking pictures that really stood out, then from a hobby, it became a habit…I just always wanted to create.

Then I noticed that there weren’t really a lot of men in fashion as compared to the women.

And also in Africa as a whole, most parents see modeling as something bad….it’s either they see it as human trafficking or all nudity…but then I studied and there’s more to it.
And it shouldn’t be connoted in that way.

So for me I took it as a goal to be the example for people out there, to show that it’s possible to be in school and be a model. And enable African parents understand that there’s a lot of positive to it.

This is really serious….., so you said something about African parents who think modeling is about nudity, can you actually pose nude for a shoot?

To be honest, I really can’t. There are different parts of modeling and you can decide the ones you want to take part in. There’s runway, editorials, campaign, fitness.You can make your choice. So if you or your parents are not okay with Nudity, you don’t have to take part.

So which one exactly are you interested in? Maybe you can connect me too and you know…..we can feature together on vogue magazine…

Of course!

I’m interested in runway and editorials.

So, from your biography which I’m somehow familiar with, you are a Nigerian in diaspora. Why didn’t you just study here, what’s the deal with studying overseas?

So there are more opportunities and experience in studying abroad.

Hmmmm you mean like getting jobs immediately after school and all yeah?

That exactly.

So being in a school with white people, has there been any form of racism?

No actually, my school is predominantly black.

Oh that’s cool
So kamsi, tell us the truth, are you scared of covid-19

I’m scared, like very scared.

God forbid o, but if you get infected, what’s next?

If I got infected😢……well the next thing is quarantine….I’m scared oh!!
I just coughed sef 🙁

Calm down!!! , but what do you have to say as regards the “lay man not being affected rather it’s the big men of the states?

Well, just so they don’t come for me all I can say is, IT IS WARRI-IS 🥴

I thought big boys don’t fear . That aside, are you in presently in a relationship?

I’m single 🙂

I know there have been troops of ’em coming so why did you decide to shenk them?

She say na shenk😂. Actually, it’s a new location and all….a new continent too, I’m taking things slow. There’s no need for the rush.

So kamsi, who would you say God is to you?

God is literally my everything.
With what I’ve been through and where I am now, noone else deserves the glory.

Okayyyy, so would you show us some of your modeling shoots, you know, let’s us see the product of God’s hands, you know what I mean…

What actually motivates you to do what you do, I mean… your driving force?

I know this might sound weird and is too into the future. But, what keeps me moving is the fact that if I’m successful with all I want to do, my kids can actually look up to someone close to them( their father) for motivation to do anything they plan to do with their lives.

So basically I want to build a legacy for the Arinze family.

And then there’s more deep talk into this tho

Hmmm, curiosity kills the cat so I won’t go deeper. What last words do you have for the readers?

Hmmm…. I don’t want to sound deep or dad like but if you like something, go for it. If you fail at it, then WE MOVE!!

It’s better to know you tried and failed than to live with regret later in life. Cheers!

Gbam! Thank you so much Kamsi.

Who noticed that kamsi laid so much emphasis on the future like being a role model for his kids and the fact that whatever he does now would play a large role in the future?

I know most of y’all are wondering why this month was all about ‘The male gender’, don’t worry, something bigger and better is coming. All you have to do is stay tuned to this blog, like, follow, share and relax. I gatchu!

One more thing, Covid-19 has nothing on us because when God is in our boat, it cannot sink. Do not allow fear take control of you, we weren’t given a spirit of fear but of peace and sound mind. But, it is essential you obey instructions, listen to the authorities, stay in your houses(you will not die if you do so), maintain personal hygiene and pray like you have never done before. Also, I’d advise that you make the best use of your time, stop procrastinating like I did for this post😪, have a time table and follow it squarely. God bless you all and I wish you a happy new month in advance.


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The subtle act of catching big fishes

Meet Osuofia in Surulere!

Looking quite alike with the Osuofia in Nollywood, but different swag and modern assets, Joshua was a complete clown. We grew up together in the same neighborhood. We would run around with just our pants. There was nothing like puberty, no hair, no breast, no height. Just tiny little creatures hopping and jumping, screaming and shouting, dancing and playing.

And here I am, Ogbonna Elizabeth Chidiuto. All grown up and beautiful, THE MAIN CATCH. It was like someone just loaded a truck of young men from across the borders and decided to drop them at my door step. Different shapes and different sizes, some even looked like the amoeba I studied in Biology. Emi ke! A whole meal, a whole spec, hot cake like me!. Pride was setting in and before I knew it, they all went with the wind and I was stuck with Joshua, that dirty boy from childhood, tueh!

As I was walking back home after service, he stopped me and asked to have a short conversation with me. His teeth wasn’t even white enough but he looked a little cute. He probably just needed a little touch to clear his face on which pimples were having a social gathering. I wasn’t even in the mood to talk. A part of me wanted to hear him out but a part of me also wanted to shun him. My parents were already disturbing me about getting married. But Joshua??? Never! He is a no go area and besides, his approach seemed pervert like….

He has never stopped making me laugh. I know I know, I form hard guy but when he cracks a joke, I can’t help it from within. I’d rather give an attitude than laugh out. He was doing well, ooin!. He was educated now, he was done with school and was looking forward to his posting in the NYSC. He told me so many things but all the while, I still gave that attitude of “Okayyy, cool story bro!”.

After all the unnecessary talk, he said he wanted to say one more thing but he didn’t know how I’d react. He would want to talk but because people were passing and he didn’t want anyone to overhear him and his pickup lines, he would stylishly cover his mouth. This guy was legit wasting my precious time. I was under the hot sun waiting for a clown to be serious with me. Such an Irony!

Immediately he dropped those words “Lizzy baby, I love you”, my adrenaline activated. Ahhhh!!! I have suffered, of all creeping and walking things on this earth to say those words, Joshua? The one that use to chase me in my pant? The one that used to baptise me with water at the stream? The one that used to beg me to tell my mother to give him food? The one that used to bribe me with odara so I don’t report his misbehaviors to his parents? The one that used to call masquerades to chase me at times? No! No! No! He must be insane. I had to hit his head because this gentleman was already moving mad. Did I just say gentleman?

He became suddenly serious. I was seeing the love in his eyes. He stopped joking around, he didn’t smile this time, he was surprisingly vomiting spicy vocabularies on me. I wasn’t sure he was real but my heart was beating faster than usual. Was I beginning to fall in love? Our eyes met, he didn’t take his eyes off mine and I didn’t even try. Hard guy hard guy had turned to amala wey soft.

Oh well! It ended well. We admitted our feelings, got married, had kids and lived happily ever after. But, it all happened in your head…..

We are both a joke, love is not for us and we are not for love!… least, not anytime soon.

Happy new week!

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THE PROMISING YOUTH- featuring Adegbite Oluwapelumi

Welcome back to Doreen’s sphere. We have a very special guest in the house and I don’t think anybody is more excited than I am. Do you know any member of the Fine Boys Association, a Pharmacist, a Photographer, a genius and a humble gentleman? If you don’t, well you have just met one. I remain your host Nwankwo Doreen. Stay tuned!

Can I meet you sir?

My name Is Adegbite Oluwapelumi, I’m the third of five children.
I’m a pharmacist currently interning at a Federal hospital. I’m also a photographer – fashion, events, portraits, weddings, etc. I love art, creative thinking, branding, and reading. I’m also a fan of good music.

Wow, a Pharmacist- Photographer. First off, it is believed that medicine gan gan is for the guys while pharmacy is for the ladies. What pushed you into studying Pharmacy?

LOL… pharmacy for the ‘ladies’ how?? That’s really funny, there were actually more ladies than guys in my class though, but I also think that was the same for the MBBS class so…..
At first, I decided to study pharmacy because of the challenge. My sister was already in pharmacy school then and was always talking about the laboratory reports and workload and all…
So I, being the ‘one that doesn’t read enough’ at home decided to go for it in order to prove a point. Yeah I was that petty. But with time I got to actually enjoy it.

Osheyyyy……so you wanted to “show them”. But why did you decide to go into photography?

Basically I can’t actually remember the day I decided to do photography. It was a gradual process, I fell in love with the art first, I would look at photographs and drawings or paintings for a long while and just take in the beauty of it.
With time, I knew I’d love to create photographs like the ones I saw, then I held my friends camera one day and I knew I had to get mine. So since then……

Wow! I think we would discuss better outside this house because I’m interested in Photography too. So tell me, you said you are a Pharmacist currently interning at the Federal hospital. Could you please share your educational background with the readers?

Well, I attended Estolub nursery and primary school, then Airforce Secondary school Ikeja.
I got admitted through DE after my Diploma degree in Pharmacy, both in the University of Lagos.
That’s pretty much it for now. And yeah, I’m a Pharmacy Intern at the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Yaba.

So after your internship, what’s next?

NYSC, then upward from there.

Upward to where?

*laughs* most definitely a masters degree is in the picture.

And where do you plan on getting your masters degree?

To be honest, I have not yet decided. I’m still weighing options, but it’s definitely an MBA.

Alright, so you know that our dear ASUU just went on Strike,
Do you think their reason is baseless?

I won’t lie here. I don’t know the full story of what they want this time and why the government won’t just settle issues with them. Nigeria as a whole is actually just on a special ‘cruise’ and only God can save us.
I’m just going to tell students that if it takes too long, learn a trade, discover yourself, do something meaningful with your time.

So MR PHARMACIST, it is no longer news that corona is bent on sharing free deadly food to us. What can you advise us to do to be safe?

There are tips everywhere actually. The basics are just to maintain good personal hygiene, wash your hands with soap, make use of hand sanitizers, use a piece of tissue or handkerchief if you have to cough or sneeze.

So, are you single or you are searching?

I’m single mehn!
I don’t think I’m actively searching though.

Ouch! That hurts alot. Now I understand when they say women are more than men. The very few and capable guys are too ambitious or not just interested. It’s alright. God no go shame us. Speaking of THE BIG MAN. What can you tell us about Him?

God! God! God!
I don’t like to sound ‘spiritual’ because Christianity isn’t about sounding spiritual, it is about a personal relationship yeah, but as my name implies God is with me, he always has, still is, and will always be.
I’m not just saying this to sound cool or something, it’s what I believe in and he is very evident in my life.

I like what I hear. So can you show us some of your photography works?

For more photos, check out Lumi_rexx on IG

So what drives you to do the things you do, where do you see yourself in years to come?

What drives me, is a clear vision of the person I want to be, of what I want out of life.
Having that in mind makes me do all that I do today. Hmmmm…..In years to come…my future is so bright that it’s blinding.*excessive shining of teeth*

What are your final words to the readers?

I feel everyone should realize this race we are running is an individual thing. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Work hard and smart and in due time, your own due time, you would get the reward for your work.


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THE PROMISING YOUTH- Featuring Akin-Taylor Toroti.

Hey there!

This month’s edition of Doreen’s sphere is going to be a platform through which youths out there can learn from those who are going to feature here. I’m your host Nwankwo Doreen and I have a guess for y’all. Stay tuned!

Can I meet you sir?

I’m Akin-Taylor Toroti

What can you tell the readers about your family background?

I’m the only child. My mom had me after 13 years of marriage and 5 months before I was born, my dad died.

Hmm, interesting….so, what’s your career prospect and what other activities do you engage in?

I’m a year 5 law student in the University of Lagos. A public speaker, published author, an ideapreneur (so I basically provide brands and individuals with ideas and content), an on air personality and voice over artiste, an event host.

Wawuu,what can you say are your likes?

POUNDED YAM!!!! Manchester United, selfless and true people, neat people and environments, I like everything as long as it is not void of excellence.

I like traveling, I’m very adventurous, I helplessly love children and I’m obsessed with dogs and horses. I love to drum, make music.

By the way, I have 70+ names and I hate boiled yam

Okay could you burst a beat for us?

*laughs so hard* I would, eventuary..hehehe

You always shun people who speak bad about Nigeria. Why?

So yeah I honestly do love Nigeria and I do not want my children to grow up without hearing the positives of this nation and without being proud of having Nigeria as an heritage. At the moment, I know the positives are severely out numbered by the negatives, but I strongly believe we can rewrite our own history and change the narrative.

A patriot indeed, I also heard you have dreams of being called MR PRESIDENT. So, future Mr President, how do you hope to change our blessed country?

I hope to be President some day and I have a dream to be the youngest president of Nigeria, but I do believe and strongly too that you do not need to be President before impacting meaningful change in our country, rather being president is an added advantage, a greater platform to expand, enlarge and showcase all what you had been doing to change the narrative of Nigeria. “one man can’t change the world but ONE man can change the world”. In other words one person cannot change Nigeria, one president cannot change Nigeria, but if every individual, one after the other begins to change how they think, which in turn changes how they act and operate, our nation will begin to change. If we all begin to act as potential presidents and ensuring we do what is right at everytime, playing our roles and parts as citizens which includes voting in people not because of what they have to offer(money) but because of what they have to offer(long lasting results) then we would see the change we desire. If we all begin to obey traffic lights, not throw refuse or trash on the roads, obey laws, keep aside our ethnic differences and focus on ourselves as Nigerians first the changes will show up tremendously.

I believe that the problem of Nigeria is not corruption, terrorism, ethnic differences, our problem is our MINDSET. All the things I said above are results of poor, damaged, improper mindsets. We need a mindset of true and honest unity, togetherness, what do we stand for as a nation irrespective of tribe or religion. We need to sell the Nigerian culture, belief or ideology and not the Yoruba, igbo or Hausa ones. Who are we as a nation, what do we stand for and believe in. The moment we can successfully answer these questions we would see progress. So you see that we have been going around in circles and dwelling on irrelevances because we have no blue print as a nation, no clear road map.

So I hope to bring in an era of self realization as a nation, radical collectivity and cooperation void of ethnic and religious undertones. And so while this is going on in full force we will together build a responsible, accountable, creative and effectively efficient government across all levels and also cement the culture of continuity irrespective of the party in power. We cannot keep having new governments scrap off the previously existing projects of prior ones which had been paid for and had not been fully executed.

This is just the basic foundation of how I believe we can change our nation. Surely you noticed I didn’t talk about bringing the change but we!

I really can’t wait for your regime,that is if the Lord tarries in his coming. I’m so excited in advance. So Mister Toroti, who is God to you?

I’m a Christian and I do not relate to God on a surface level. He is my father, he knows my highs and my lows and I’m thankful because I am his project and he never starts what he can’t finish. Just like him since I’m his son, I try to bring smiles to the faces of people, transform lives one after the other, through my words, actions and inactions.

Fantastic! May I ask, what is your driving force in life?

The major driving force for me is the knowledge I have that there is so much inside of me, so much potential in me and that the same way the world is going through several challenges because of the actions and inactions of some people, the lives of many are dependent on my actions and inactions. So there is a constant thought that it’s not about me alone, for “the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God”.

And then I live each day like it’s my last, so just like my Pops did, just incase any day is my last, I want to be able to leave behind a great legacy and concrete achievements for my babies. So, this pushes me a whole lot too. By the way “if the motivation for your dream is not beyond you…the realization of your dreams can’t go beyond you”.

Any young lady reading this would surely see signs, are you in a relationship?

I’m a single Pringle 😵😩

Oops! He isn’t interested!!!! Almost everyone is not happy about this Okada ban. Do you support this action of the Federal Government?

Okada ban. Yes I agree with the government that okada was not part of the transportation blueprint and all, but it originated because somebody didn’t do his or her job. Now since the blue print was not followed, it has become a normal part of our lives and a viable alternative due to the unhealthy traffic terrorizing the state. Now it’s common sense, we practice democracy; government of, for and by the people….in all what you are doing consider the interest of the people. The government is allowed to ban whatsoever they want but not to the detriment of the comfort and wellbeing of the people. So if we are banning okada and it’s cousin keke, where are the alternatives. Do we have more efficient, better and conducive buses, are the other means of transportation working well, have the roads been improved upon to reduce traffic. If all these had been done, then the ban go make sense. The keke and okada guys would have been integrated into the new alternatives after proper training. But the reality now is that they are out of jobs meaning more miscreants, bus fares have doubled, there is still traffic, crazy traffic, roads still have deeply large tribal marks and gap teeth, still not enough officials to control traffic situations. All these should have been put in place before the sudden ban, and so everything the government is doing now is medicine after death and they’re still so slow about it.

Do you think Nigeria can defeat corruption?

Yes! Nigeria can defeat corruption actually. Singapore did it, and if we think that’s too far an example, Ghana under Rawlings did it, if we are as a people are ready, then we will do it.

What are your final words to the readers?

So my final words will be this, life is just like a movie…. there are main actors and supporting actors. Their roles are different, their responsibilities don’t look alike at all. If in a movie everyone was a main actor it will never make sense. In the same vein in life you may not be at the very top or the main guy or star boy, but wherever you are, play your part, do it to your best ability, don’t struggle to act another person’s part, act your own, make it your own and do it well till you are celebrated for it. Don’t look down on where you are or what you are because “THE BIG YOU ARE EXPECTING is in THE LITTLE YOU ARE INSPECTING”

Okayyy, you have heard, seen and read. Let me just say a short story of Toroti. In high school, he was “the man of the ladies”. One time when my immediate seniors were bullying some of my set girls with catapult(the rubber and paper one though) and targeting our butts, Toroti came to the rescue. We were very happy and since then, we viewed him in a different way. That is the essence of this platform, the youth with a difference.

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Thank you and God bless you for reading up to this point and I wish you a Happy new month✨