The Prodigy: Featuring Olaedo Princess Njoku

I know I’m a fine girl yeah(uhhhhhh!)….but, sometimes I just look at other girls and I’m like “Who born youuuu??”, Is there another planet where humans are dwelling that I don’t know about? Why so fine sweetheart? But then, I remember that GOD SABI THIS CREATION THING!!! Cause what??

There is a masterpiece in the building and I don’t think you are ready for the content of this post. Ola peperenpe as she is popularly called by our family(we are cousins), is a smart ass beauty with a flair for modelling. Enough of the shalaye…..

So Ola, can you tell us about yourself?

Um…I don’t know why but whenever I’m asked this question, I literally forget all about myself……LOL

But let me think…..
My name is Njoku Princess Olaedo.
I’m 19 years old. I’m the first daughter and second of four children. I love modeling, singing, and dancing but of all the things I love to do, the only thing I can do without any problem is modeling.

Lmaoooo!!! I know that feeling…you just don’t know how to introduce yourself on the spot.

So how is it like being the first daughter? Are there so much responsibilities?

OMG!…being the first daughter is harder than it sounds especially when you have younger sisters. Your parents will keep reminding you that you’re the first daughter and that you have a lot of responsibilities and younger ones who look up to you. Plus the pressure to get married early😂.

To be honest, being the first daughter is almost like being the firstborn. You just feel like you were born to impress your family members. You know, you might lose yourself trying to live by their rules and trying to impress them. I try not to let it get to me anyway.

It’s the pressure to get married for me.

You are still 19, I meannn….
I suppose you are in the university now, what course are you studying?

I school at the Lagos State University (LASU) and I’m studying Accounting Education.

Fantastic! You mentioned earlier that you are into modelling. How do you balance it with school work?

Honestly, it’s not easy
But I have God and He always makes a way.
I’m a freelance model….meaning I’m not signed to any agency. I get shoots on my own. Being a freelancer, you have to constantly go for shoots to stay relevant.
So honestly, I just focus on my majors in school and I make sure I attend important/ difficult classes.

Wow! I feel you.

But what made you go into modeling in the first place and where do you see yourself in let’s say five to ten years?

Modeling hasn’t always been my thing, to be honest.
My late Aunt used to call me “Miss world” and when she died, my mum kept reminding me about it. I joined Instagram seeing pretty pictures and I gained interest in it. I wanted to be able to create those kinds of pictures. Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and of course Naomi Campbell made me looooooooove modeling.

Naomi Campbell no do reach you boss!

When I started modeling, I wanted to be a runway model. I researched and figured I wasn’t tall enough. My fear for auditions has not made me try model castings🤦🏾‍♀️. I already know I’m not tall enough, I don’t wanna try and get shanked.
In the next 5-10 years, with the help of God, I would be BIG…like a top-notch model
Married with kids and successful in every aspect of life.

Ayiiiiiiiii!!!!! E for Energyyyy

I know I’ve been seeing your pictures on a steady but just show our readers some of ’em cause I’m sure you didn’t come to play at all!

If I don’t show you guys, Wetin I gain??.

Okrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Sit tight guys!!

Could you share your experience as a model?

What do you like about the job and what puts you off?

Okay..I know y’all see fine pictures and you’ll be like “it’s probably easy being a model” or you just decide that you want to be a model because of the pictures and so on. Well no…change that mindset. Modeling is harder than it seems. You sacrifice a lot for it.

For instance, my hair… I make my hair only once or twice in a year because of shoots and the state of my hair is not the way it was when I started modeling. It has diminished because of the amount of heat applied to it.

You have to spend so much on your skin because of the products that touches your skin. I’m actually blessed with a good skin. I use only Shea butter and I don’t break out.

And then convincing African parents about modeling is not easy at all. Although I have supportive parents, the fact that I get home late most of the time is not encouraging.

Kaiii! This just reiterates the fact that people make a lot of sacrifices behind the scene.

But why haven’t you backed out all this while?
I haven’t backed out because I’m not where I want to be yet and I must get there. Besides, my mum didn’t raise a quitter!

Ghen gehn! Motivation flying ear and dear!!

Apart from your pay after the shoots, have you been receiving bonuses or special advantages?

Well I recognize referrals as a special advantage because they go a long way for any brand.
And yes, a few makeup artists refer me to their colleagues.

That’s super amazing! And yess!!! You have featured about three times now on AsoebiBella’s page on Instagram and you were even the face at some point. How did you feel about it?

I wasn’t really hyped the first time until my sister and my friends started hyping me and then I got really excited. I began to ask myself why I wasn’t hyped at first😂🤦🏾‍♀️

It actually feels good to know and be sure that people actually see your work and admire…the kind of push that everyone needs once in a while.

I know a lot of suitors are already knocking on your door, is there anyone that catches your fancy?

People are knocking on my door but they aren’t worth opening my door for. They’re not offering something meaningful.
At this stage of my life, I’m not looking for games or “just fun”. I want it 99+1!!!
I want it all, a God fearing guy, a supportive guy, a go getter, someone who’s career driven. Not just a guy who wants sex.

I’m sure you are aware about the whole Twitter issue, what do you have to say about it and the security status in the country?

I’m not active on Twitter. I have a Twitter account but I uninstalled the app because I don’t really know how to use it but I saw the tweet a man who claims to be the President of this country tweeted and I was shocked. I’ve always known he was nonchalant but I didn’t think he’d actually threaten citizens of this country “openly”.
It scares me to be honest because I’m from the east and it makes my heart bleed because they’re killing my people and I can’t do anything about it!!!

I really wish the worst would happen to this so called president… I really do!

Hmmmm…but has the ban on Twitter affected you in any way?

The ban on twitter is actually very unnecessary. It’s scary that we don’t even have freedom of speech anymore. It hasn’t affected me in any way since I’m not a huge fan of the app.

If you were to leave the country to continue your career or as a result of the happenings in Nigeria, what country would it be?

Omo! If I get the opportunity to leave this country ehn, I won’t waste time at all. I’ll go to the United States of America because I know for sure that’s it’s better than this country and it will give me better exposure.

How she’ll be flying to USA😂

Do you think you have influenced anyone into going into modeling?

Oh yes I have…a lot of people as a matter of fact. Especially my immediate younger sister.

Her junior sister…..(see how my cousins are just fine anyhow).

I think i’d bring my rich fine friends to marry you girls(if you a guy and you are interested, let me know in the comment section)…lol. So, what exactly is the criteria for being a model?

It depends on the aspect of modeling one wants to venture into.
Runway modeling: You have to be really slim, tall and camera friendly.
Commercial/ editorial modeling: Nice smile, attitude, camera friendly, and beautiful (not necessarily tall).

There is a popular opinion that ladies who use make up a lot are trying to cover their facial flaws. What do you have to say about that?

I doesn’t matter if she’s trying to cover her flaws or not. As long as she feels beautiful. Do anything that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

In other words, everybody should mind their business..LOL

What advise do you give to upcoming models?

The advice I’ll give to upcoming models is to stay true to yourself.
Don’t ever sell your body for shoots!!! Situations might get bad but don’t let it bring you down.

Always hold your head up, remember you’re beautiful and there’s someone out there that wants to be you!!!
Never forget why you started modeling and never give up.

And don’t go into modeling for the wrong reasons.
If you don’t have the passion for it, don’t venture into it. It will be a waste of time because you’ll never go far.

Thank you for your time Princess!

I must say that I really enjoyed this interview especially the part she said her mom didn’t raise a quitter. I was screaming in my head like “Yoooo!!!! Dazzit b! You go girllll!!!! Show them!!!

By the way, you could reach out to Ola for collaborations via Instagram.

I have been planning this series since April but one thing led to another and I couldn’t deliver. As the theme suggests, this series is set to encourage every young person out there that they can use their talent and make waves. Some people are not book smart but they could be so good at other things. Everybody has a talent and I believe in making maximum use of whatever you have.

I won’t promise to be consistent(posting weekly) because I have a whole lot on my table at the moment but I promise to always deliver top- notch content whenever I do.

If anything in this interview stood out for you or you learnt anything, kindly let me know in the comment section. If you loved this post(I don’t see anything not to love here), do well to share to as many people as possible, like, comment and follow my blog to be the first to know when I post.

Did I tell you tomorrow(the 16th) is my birthday? Well….it is! And since I can’t reach out to every single person to share party pack, I’m writing to you…..LOL!

Stay frosty guys and God bless you ❤


14 thoughts on “The Prodigy: Featuring Olaedo Princess Njoku

  1. This is very inspiring , the part where she said “my mom didn’t raise a quitter ” got to me .😊

    Her openess about her job ,career and dreams is to be admired 🙈

    Also happy birthday in arrears dear 🥳😍🤗

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  2. I’m so proud of you best girlfriend 😩😍😍😍.I believe in you 100 and I know everything you wish and dream is coming real soon. Y’all better watch out 🤩🤩🤩🤩


  3. Finallyyyy💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
    Good vibes no pass this one!!
    She’s really pretty and her interview is definitely one to jot things down from!
    I love her honesty about the good and bad sides of modelling. The sacrifices she has made and all.
    I love the part where she also mentioned to not quit and also where she wasn’t raised a quitter!!
    It’s a very beautiful one I must say.
    Thank you for your amazing content always💯💯

    Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!❤❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Omg!! See my sisters!!
    I’m so happy she got to share that and especially in your blog, being a model is indeed not easy! And yes our mother didn’t raise a quitter!!!
    Love love ❤️ ❤️❤️ Enjoyed this so much!.

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  5. I really enjoyed reading this interview and your cousin is so pretty. When I saw Ola I was already excited that come and see fine Yoruba people now but she’s not 😩.
    I’ll say one of the things that stood out to me is her advice to do things for the right reasons cause if you don’t when challenges come there’s nothing to keep you pushing. Also “my Mum didn’t raise a quitter” too much excitement for me 💃🏼💃🏼.
    Thanks for the beautiful vlog Doreen and happy birthday in advance 🥳.

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